Leo love horoscope 25 march 2020

Things get romantic this week as sweet Venus enters dreamy Pisces. Plus, Mercury retrograde ends!

In , the single Scorpios will be lucky in love, and they will meet people with whom they will further establish close love relationships.

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Love is going to be the main interest of Aquarius in , and the sentimental relationships will be extremely harmonious. You will feel a stronger emotional connection with your life partner between August and October.

The stable couples will think of making a baby, and a decision in this respect will follow in April. In , the professional ambitions are great, but you will need to act with a lot of diplomacy and tenacity to obtain a durable situation. It is important to get integrated into a group with whom you have the same long-term goals or interests. Ready for romance, Virgo? Venus enters your love and partnership arena on Tuesday, helping you invite or deepen the intimacy you crave.

Then on Thursday, Mercury Retrograde ends in this zone, so your optimism and efforts in this area will return swiftly. Mars moves into your career sector on Sunday, so assert your independence and worthiness at work. Does it spark joy, Libra?

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Venus slides into your Marie Kondo zone on Tuesday, helping you beautify your routines along with your health and wellness habits. Mars enters your international and educational world on Sunday, encouraging you to travel and learn more than you ever thought possible. Courage, Scorpio! Venus moves into your outspoken, heart-spilling, and confidence sector on Tuesday, so you can share the story of your heart.

Mercury ends its retrograde there on Thursday, helping you apply new lessons to these efforts—perhaps when it comes to intimacy and commitment?

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  6. Mars enters your sexual zone on Sunday, so advocate for your erotic needs and desires while being open to compromising with others. Home is where the heart is, Sagittarius! Venus begins a homecoming on Tuesday in your tender space of family and emotional safety. Mercury ends its retrograde there, helping you see loved ones and home differently.


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    Then on Sunday, Mars sets fire to your romance sector, so you can negotiate with your lover. Think of conflict as a wish for closeness, not for separation. Put it in a love letter, Capricorn! Venus enters your communication zone on Tuesday, so speak your romantic truths to those who genuinely need to hear it. Mars ignites your health and wellness arena on Sunday, helping you get your passion back for personal excellence. Make it rain, Aquarius!

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    In love, Jupiter Sextile Neptune also brings passion and creativity in the new year, which will allow the Aries to better express their feelings, and to create a stronger connection with the couple partner or with future potential partners, in case they are not already involved in a well-defined sentimental relationship.

    This year, Saturn will influence the professional life of Aries, and it will demand efficiency, and better time and energy management at work. This will bring a lot of responsibilities in terms of studies, trips abroad, religion, and spirituality.


    Jupiter is next to Saturn until December 20, and it will bring the Aries enough reasons for satisfaction at work: interesting work offers, rewards befitting the efforts, increased emphasis, and appreciations. Mars and Venus will be responsible for the romantic evolution of Aries in January, February, and the first decade of March seem to associate the Aries relationships with personal development, career, and public visibility.

    Romance is in full swing in April, when the passing of Venus through Aries brings sensuality, thirst for love, a great seduction power, luck, and harmony in the life of the couple. Lilith or the Black Moon evolves the entire year in direct motion, while Chiron is retrograde in Aries, between July 11 and December Mars retrograde in Aries between September 9 and November During this period, the Aries will feel stuck, unable to successfully finalize any plans. They will feel frustrated and helpless. They need to arm themselves with patience, and to allocate as much time as possible to themselves.

    You will want to develop discipline and order in how you handle money. It will feel you are restricted in your ability to express yourself but that will begin to ease in October and November. The end of the year you will find it easier to blend finances and investing will be in the picture.

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    It is only in late December that you will begin to see returns on your investments and begin to enter a period where you will attract money , especially money from sources other than yourself.

    leo love horoscope 25 march 2020 Leo love horoscope 25 march 2020
    leo love horoscope 25 march 2020 Leo love horoscope 25 march 2020
    leo love horoscope 25 march 2020 Leo love horoscope 25 march 2020
    leo love horoscope 25 march 2020 Leo love horoscope 25 march 2020
    leo love horoscope 25 march 2020 Leo love horoscope 25 march 2020
    leo love horoscope 25 march 2020 Leo love horoscope 25 march 2020

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