Midheaven meaning in astrology


The first house side of the Ascendant indicates the outer impression you give with the look of your face and body and the aura you exude. It can in some cases help you to give a good first impression. On the other hand, you might sell yourself short. The 12 Houses.

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As mentioned, each house represents a certain area in life. The way how you experience those areas individually can be described by the particular sign s and planet s in that house. Here is a brief overview of keywords for the particular 'life endeavors' or 'stages' of the 12 houses :. The 1 st House. Therefore, it describes your way of self-presentation, outer personality, physical body, vitality, independence, whether and how you express personal initiative to establish personal identity. With a strong 1st house, your presence is quite impressive. Planets in your 1st house are archetypes that strongly play themselves out in your personality, and you might be quite identified with those archetypal themes.

The 2 nd House. Your values, possessions, assets and skills physical , mental and spiritual ones , what you own and how you relate to possessions and mundane security, how you earn money and what the material plane means to you, how you manifest and use your resources for your own and for the greater benefit.

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The 3 rd House. How you experience intellectual stimuli through communicating, ideas, socializing. How you learn, your adaptability, versatility, variety, and interchange with others. Your contact with your immediate environment and random encounters with neighbors, relatives, 'people in the street'. It describes how flexible and interested you are in 'speaking their language' and relating to their mentality. With a strong 3rd house, you might be buzzing around, multi-task, multi-stream and enamored with the mind.

The 4 th House. The 5 th House. Your way of creative self-expression through play, fun, taking risks, hobbies, entertainment, romance and falling in love could it be with your own creativity and playfulness? People with 5th house emphasis tend to be very entertainment, children and play oriented, yet the character of the planets in the house describe which 'players' come out when 'the game is on'.

Midheaven – Medium Coeli Meaning

If you are particularly interested in career goals and professional success, look for your MC and your Tenth house. See which zodiac sign and planets they match. Since the Midheaven is actually the top point on the ecliptic in the Tenth house, it is very important to understand what this astrological field is related to. Each one of us has their own unique path to success. Financial and social status tendencies, ambition, motivation and everything else is different in each individual. The Tenth house and the Midheaven have much to do with that.

There are marvelous real life examples of people who have achieved great success and fame by overcoming obstacles and problems impossible to go through for many others. Some other people could never progress and succeed, due to their own complicated characters, regardless of having good and favorable starting point.

There are also people to whom everything was easy; those we commonly refer to as born under a lucky star. These are ones in a million. There have always been incredibly gifted people who live poorly and miserably. The success depends on many things.

The Axis In Astrology Explained – Ac, Ic, Dc And Mc – The Four Angles Explained

Talking about the Tenth house and the Midheaven, of vital importance is to emphasize the fact that these do not definitely decide of you are going to be a successful person or not. It is of minor importance to have favorable aspects related to Medium Coeli and the tenth house, if you do not properly use the advantages given. It is always up to you.

Nevertheless, understanding your Tenth house and Midheaven can help you realize what potentials you have; there are always things we are unaware of. The analysis of the Tenth house could point out which direction one could possibly take, when it comes to career and professional development. Those who have recognized their potentials and used the right opportunity are the ones to succeed. The elements found in the Tenth house could indicate what things one could do, in order to develop and grow, in terms of professional self-development.

The Tenth house could direct you towards doing things that appear minor and unimportant, but that could actually be the deciding actions, in terms of success. On the other side, the tenth house could indicate possible problems and difficulties; the ones that could be avoided are important o know, so you do not waste your energy and lose focus. People who have the Midheaven in Leo have a dignified and royal-like attitude that inspires great respect in others. They are mostly laid back and relaxed, but solely their presence speaks about the authority.

If they have favorable aspects in their birth charts, Leo Midheaven individuals usually have no bigger problems in balancing their professional, family and love life. They want attention and enjoy doing things that could be seen, recognized and glorified. They are amazingly creative people and natural born leaders.

Leo Midheaven is a leader, not a follower. They are prone to drama, scandal and general extravagance.

⚡️What does the 🌅MIDHEAVEN🌅 mean in ASTROLOGY ?!

Leo on the top of the tenth house accentuates the importance of integrity, Ego, self-confidence, self-importance, creativity and talents, competition, powerful social position and the stage. The very idea of all of these concepts greatly motivates Midheaven Leos to work on their talents and reach some degree of public recognition.

Completely regardless of personal career choices, for Midheaven Leos the very idea of fame is attractive, inspiring and motivating. They are positive and focused on their goals, although tend to be royal-like lazy at times.

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  • They sometimes believe everything should just come to them, because they are born to be someone important. Your work may involve healing the Earth, purifying the body of dis-ease, teaching others about the inter-dependence of systems.

    You could find fulfillment in holistic health fields, literature, creating healing environments like spas, health food stores or yoga centers. With a Midheaven in Libra, you have a polished, sociable public persona that allows you to make good connections. You project an image of fairness and flexibility. A versatile attitude allows you to go with the flow and adjust your career path as times change.

    Your eye for what's in style translates well to image consulting, decorating, the arts, entertainment media. But you're just as likely to go for intellectual careers, like law, politics, public policy, diplomacy, or writing. Your sense of balance and high level of integrity makes you a sought-after partner in any business. Having charm in spades makes you a good interviewee, and inspires others to help you up the ladder of success.

    You're able to go deeply into one field of endeavor and become an expert researcher, leaving no stone unturned. Your penetrating mind is both respected and feared by colleagues.


    The 10th House in Astrology

    You excel in areas like depth psychology, criminal investigating, hypnosis, dramatic arts, or social sciences. You prefer to have long periods to work in solitude without interruption.

    The Medium Coeli in Astrology

    You might make your mark by transforming waste into something reusable. You shine light into the shadows and are not afraid to tread in dark, primal psychic territory. You're good at spotting hidden motives, and this serves you in any endeavor. You're likely to undergo a metamorphosis several times, possibly changing careers. People with Midheavens in Sagittarius are expansive and open to inter-disciplinary fields. Drawn to sharing what you know with others, through teaching, counseling or as a spiritual quester and guide.

    You're the eternal student and thrive in life work that allows you to research, investigate, explore, philosophize and connect dots. Some such fields are higher education, the clergy, journalism, languages, writing, photography, filmmaking, and theatre.

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    Midheaven meaning in astrology

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