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Do you enjoy the thrill of swiping right in person? Or is your idea of fun standing in a corner and judging everyone? Head to your favourite watering hole and get ready to have the best night ever. Aquarius, you have a good idea of what a real friendship looks like by now. Pour yourself into your most authentic bonds. Cosmic tip: Make an effort to nurture the ties that have survived the test of time and tide.

People come. People go. The ones who want to stay will always find a way, Pisces. One of the hardest lessons you will learn in this lifetime is to be there for yourself on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. You have what it takes to be your own rock in these trying times. Cosmic tip: Learning to be there for yourself will change your relationship with the world.

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Aries horoscope today Home is where the heart is, Aries. Taurus horoscope today Life is too short to wear that boring black dress over and over. Cosmic tip: This a time of joy and celebration, especially on the family front! Gemini horoscope today Everything is as it should be. Cosmic tip: Spend time around natural bodies of water.

Cancer horoscope today Lo and behold, Cancer! Leo horoscope today Endings and beginnings take place simultaneously in your world. Cosmic tip: The best is yet to come. Cosmic tip: The projects you have been working on start to gain momentum. Libra horoscope today Delays are not denials.

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Cosmic tip: Delays are not denials. The Universe has a plan for you right now.

Scorpio horoscope today If not now, then when? Cosmic tip: Be open to love and let life surprise you. There aren't any essential emotional issues that you need to discuss, with yourself or with others so this will probably leave you enough time to focus on work.

Today's Gemini Horoscope - Wednesday, October 9, 12222

But of cou More Gemini October 10 Try not to make too big of plans today because you might not have the chance to accomplish them and then you will be widely affected by this and feel under pressure, thus start More Gemini October 11 This Friday you are trying to see things clearly and it seems you'll put a great effort in appearing and in general being a lot more responsible than usual. This however, More Gemini October 12 This weekend you have your eyes entirely on someone special, whether this is of romantic or business interest.

You should try and dig more about this person and make sure Is this your birthday?

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  7. Look at the October 9 zodiac personality! But, this will help to build a sound base for your future plans.

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    7. Gemini Horoscope!
    8. The hard work that you do today will bear fruit in the distant future. The position of Mercury as the chart ruler will give more indication of whether the subject is more heroic and militant Perseus.

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      This decan has a wide variety of expressions due to the many stars here, but what seems to link them all is having a persuasive charisma, even if some of them are quite arrogant with it. With relationships, it looks like there is either utter devotion to one person or great promiscuity with many. Sometimes there is both together in one life when one starts off quite free and lusty with their affections in the Alcyone fashion, but then settles down and marries for life.

      With Gemini decan 2. This wild and roller-coaster energy really needs channeling into a cause, for the greater good or into artistic projects. If not these people can either run themselves into the ground with hard partying or get totally obsessed with one human being.

      God help them if they choose another Gemini decan 2, as one will be constantly trying to overtake the other and there will be no restrictions on playing chicken. Living in the fast lane might work ok for business partnerships though because they will drive each other to the very top of their profession. The Orion stalking streak can be quite destructive in a marriage, which is why it is even more important that these natives find something outside of the union to obsess over. If not a career, then looking after a large family would be perfect as these folk are so good at multi-tasking.

      They will be kept so busy that they will have no time to be distracted by novelties. Without children, these folk are best suited to looking after others children or the extended family of the nation. Because of the missing, twin-soul feeling, these people need to feel they are part of a double act. If they are single then a best friend, business partner, co-creator or sibling will replace the spouse.

      But care must be taken lest the native be overly anxious and take terror at even trivial bits of new information. The result could be the ill will of the populace, leading to death or injury from actions of the people, or even especially if aspected by malefics death by public execution. With Gemini decan 3 the capriciousness of Marie Antoinette stands out.

      gemini horoscope 6 january Gemini horoscope 6 january
      gemini horoscope 6 january Gemini horoscope 6 january
      gemini horoscope 6 january Gemini horoscope 6 january
      gemini horoscope 6 january Gemini horoscope 6 january
      gemini horoscope 6 january Gemini horoscope 6 january

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