January 17 solar eclipse 2020 astrology

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Neptune steps up your vibration. You see into higher dimensions. It can increase your psychic abilities. Empowering your future vision and dreams. You are to make your dreams real. Be magical.

January 2020 lunar eclipse

Come from your creativity and not your competitive ego. It is a dance.

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Move with the fluidity of Neptune. Do not be pulled by the undertow of illusion. Reality is but a dream when Neptune is challenging you. Make sure that what you are doing is right for you. That you are not in denial of the truth. What is real?

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What is an illusion? This will be your challenge. Discernment and patience will guide your way.

Gemini Report for Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Cancer January 10, 2020 ~ Astrology

Neptune in Pisces is teaching us that All Are One. This is not a lofty ideal.

Eclipses: Tables

This is the truth. Make money while you sleep. Pluto retrogrades from April 24, — October 2, Pluto retrogrades from 23 — 20 degrees Capricorn. Pluto enters Aquarius November 20, Pluto is change, death, and rebirth that is inherent in all things. Death and regeneration of Self. Power struggles. Where Pluto is transiting in the area of life that is done for radical transformation.

Resistance is futile. Let go and go with the flow of changes. Jealousy, guilt, shame, hidden agendas are the dark side of Pluto. The Phoenix rises from the ashes of the past. You, too, can recreate yourself and make a fresh start. You are to stay on your path. Even when the road twists and turns, you can feel vibrant, healthy, and strong. How do you do this? Keep your mind engaged and focused on inspired action. Focus on the cure. Focus on Solutions. You cannot bring into manifestation what you want when you are focused on the opposite.

Invest your energy in healing yourself and introducing innovations into your life wherever you are ready for expansion and fulfillment. Consciously Creating What would it be like if you could consciously create the future—creating for instance? Are you willing to experiment? Here is a process that has produced some amazing results for people in past years. There are five eclipses in Solar Eclipse, January 5, , at 15 degrees Capricorn. Lunar Eclipse, January 21, , at 0 degrees Leo.

Solar Eclipse July 2, , at 11 degrees Cancer. Lunar Eclipse, July 16, , at 24 degrees Capricorn.

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Solar Eclipse, December 26 at 4 degrees Capricorn. They stir the energy and invoke a shift in direction. Eclipses are some of the most powerful energies you can experience. They herald major completions and new beginnings in your life. The North Node is the direction in life you are to follow. The South Node represents where you are to travel no more. In Cancer, it is about your feelings. Building emotional security. How you nourish and nature yourself.

It is time to strengthen your Inner Being and home life. Strengthen your personal foundation. The South Node in Capricorn is to not be driven by ambition and the desire for power.

About Lunar Eclipse Data

It is not about dominating other people. There needs to be a balance between emotional needs and success in the world. A strong foundation will empower career advancement.

2020 Astrology Calendar: Retrogrades, Full Moons, and More

Take charge of your life. Do what is right for you. Listen to your soul. Your soul holds your soul agreements. That is what you have come to do and with whom. For others, this eclipse will be the end of the road, the final nail in the coffin.

bbmpay.veritrans.co.id/donde-conocer-mujeres-en-a-pobra-do-brollon.php It followed a short altercation, the man was stabbed and subsequently died. The station where the two men boarded the train is just round the corner from where I live. A senseless tragedy and what a brutal showing for the Solar Eclipse falling on the anniversary of the day a father was born and whose life was cut short.

The wrong kind of action. This is the first New Moon of so set your intentions for the coming year. Challenges lie ahead this year both in our world and, no doubt, on a personal level. A life without challenge is rare. Use this portal, this opportunity to get real about the events that are unfolding.

Play your part in a small way or a big way, whichever you choose. The question is how will you respond and what decisions will you make on the back of this powerful Solar Eclipse. Then look at your chart and see where that degree falls. Look at the house where the eclipse falls as that will determine the area of your life that will be most greatly impacted. Look to see what other planets are involved in the eclipse as their energy will add significantly to the story of change, movement, letting go, and release.

An eclipse is a shift in the vibrational alignment between the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon creating an analogous shift in the alignment of our own energies. We are not only on Earth but of Earth. What she experiences so do we, each in our own way, according to the constellation of energies in our own unique charts. The moon is in between the Earth and the Sun.

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From our perspective here on Earth it looks like the Moon is blotting out the Sun. Powerful time of reprogramming your essential life force to align more correctly with your personal growth and evolution. Is your behavior out in the world synchronous with how you perceive yourself to be?

The Earth blocks out the light of the Sun reflected onto the Moon so the Moon, though full, is darkened, sometimes appearing red.

january 17 solar eclipse 2020 astrology January 17 solar eclipse 2020 astrology
january 17 solar eclipse 2020 astrology January 17 solar eclipse 2020 astrology
january 17 solar eclipse 2020 astrology January 17 solar eclipse 2020 astrology
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