Globe and mail horoscope february 2

Deval Patrick may jump into the Democratic presidential primary

Somewhere out there your soulmate is waiting.

Jan. 2: Your daily horoscope - The Globe and Mail

Go find them! Someone who worships you from afar is hoping you will notice them and be as enamoured of them as they are of you. It could be the language of love. Venus, planet of harmony, moves into your opposite sign today, making this a really good time to patch up your differences with friends, loved ones, family members and just about anyone else. Life would be easier if everyone was just like you — but more boring too! Now, however, it is your emotions that are all over the place, and you will be hoping that others understand that.

Because you have been superbusy of late you may have neglected the needs of your nearest and dearest. Now that Venus is moving into a more sensitive area of your chart you will get the chance to put that right. Let loved ones know how much you care.

Your daily horoscope: February 2 - The Globe and Mail

Other people can choose to be miserable if they so wish but you are having none of it. You will get inviting looks wherever you go and whatever you do today and it may unnerve you a bit. What can others see in you that you may not be able to see in yourself? As Venus moves into your sign today your interest in all things related to beauty and art will increase dramatically.

Ignore what is going on in the world. Retreat inside your own head for a bit and ponder the nature and meaning of reality. That may sound like heavy stuff but it will actually come quite easy to you. Your mind is made for the bigger questions. The urge to dance and sing and have a good time will be too strong to resist today, so go right ahead and start your own party.

Wherever you go and whatever you do people will want to get close to you. Feel relieved! Because you have been less than honest about the way you feel you may have given others the impression that you are calm and confident when, in fact, your emotions are raging. What happens today will bring your true feelings to the surface! Make it obvious you no longer need them. Someone will go all out to change your point of view about something today — and they will fail totally.

The only danger today is that other people may think you are being too pushy and expecting too much of them — and most likely you are. Unless you enjoy making enemies you might like to take your assertiveness down a notch or two. You have never been afraid to follow your instincts and if you follow them today there is every chance you will land a very big prize. On the work front especially good things will come your way if you are brave enough to take a risk. You seem to be in a rather critical mood at the moment and because others can sense it they will most likely give you a very wide berth.

No one likes to be told that they are wrong, least of all by someone as bluntly spoken as you! Minor disputes are inevitable today as Mars and Uranus lock horns in one of the more sensitive areas of your chart. A day or two from now it will be all sweetness and light between you again. Routine tasks may be boring but that does not mean you can just ignore them. Finish them now! Focus on one thing to the exclusion of everything else today.

What is it that inspires you the most in life? What is it that delights you? Do that and nothing else. The only thing of any real importance is the thing that makes you happy.

Daily Horoscope: February 1st to February 2nd

Discover more about yourself at sallybrompton. This is a space where subscribers can engage with each other and Globe staff. Afghanistan releases three Taliban prisoners in hopes of exchange for held American, Australian. Elizabeth Warren finds a new foil in Michael Bloomberg.

Police looking for suspects, SUV involved in Chelsea shooting. Recommended Reads. The money changed hands in a series of donations, a land deal, a real estate purchase. This was big money. This was Harvard. And they almost got away with it. What etiquette needs to be considered? What will Pop-Pop think?

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What about the kids who come? The Commonwealth Institute and the Globe Magazine partner to name the most noteworthy companies and nonprofits helmed by women. Rhode Island.

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Recipe: Rainbow carrots, cut to look like faceted jewels, are pan-roasted and glazed with honey.

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Special Projects. Back to the battleground. Amid a stronger local economy, there are questions about whether Democrats can win back white working-class voters in western Pennsylvania in More from the Battleground project.

Your daily horoscope: October 2

At a Michigan football field, impeachment is the political line of scrimmage for a suburb in flux. Here, the opioid crisis is bigger than politics. As rehab centers replace pill mills, an Ohio River city fights back. To the millions of us who visit Cape Cod once or twice a summer, the effects of climate change can seem subtle, if we see them at all: A breach in the dunes.

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    globe and mail horoscope february 2 Globe and mail horoscope february 2
    globe and mail horoscope february 2 Globe and mail horoscope february 2
    globe and mail horoscope february 2 Globe and mail horoscope february 2
    globe and mail horoscope february 2 Globe and mail horoscope february 2
    globe and mail horoscope february 2 Globe and mail horoscope february 2
    globe and mail horoscope february 2 Globe and mail horoscope february 2
    globe and mail horoscope february 2 Globe and mail horoscope february 2

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