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The main thing that AKA gave me is to understand and analyze the chart by myself, not to look for ready-made interpretations in books, but to reflect and feel, use my intuition.

Studying astrology in another school, I couldn't understand how to assemble individual knowledge about planets, houses and signs, while in the course of AKA, Yael teaches to see the chart in its entirety, not piece by piece and gives absolutely unique interpretations that you will not find in one book. Immersion in astrology gave me great inspiration to study spirituality in general.


Studying a new topic you understand how deep and interconnected everything is. Even if you are not going to become a practicing astrologer, this is a great deep ancient knowledge that will help you to understand yourself, your loved ones and people in general. Spain, Barcelona. My soul has been waiting for such knowledge of Kabbalistic astrology since birth. Signs were everywhere! Starting from newspaper clippings with various astrological riddles that mom showed me from her collection, although she is not an astrologer at all!

I have finished 5 levels of AKA and eager to continue study next topics and to receive keys to heal myself and others. Thanks to the knowledge of astrology, I began to understand and see why I am here, why I am surrounded by a certain contingent of people.

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I began to look at people in a different way, and as Kabbalah wisdom teaches, I try to see the soul of a person, and not what's outside. This is a very valuable skill for me! At the same time, it is a responsibility. We are really lucky to have access to this knowledge!

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By studying you can open doors to a real and happy life! May God grant the ability of our hearts to be open and to heal. Thanks to the Light and all the teachers! Anastasia Miriam Abramovich. Germany, Emden. The Kabbalistic Astrology Academy has turned my knowledge of the world. I saw how the stars influence our life every day and learned how to understand what tools knowledge of astrology and Kabbalah gives us to rise above this influence. Yael's lectures are full of fire, a wealth of information and practical advice.

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I try to constantly listen to them, re-read my notes, because every time I find new knowledge. Yael also gave us practical tools on how to tune in to each card, to each person, in order to give everyone maximum information in a language accessible to him. This allowed me to find answers to all questions in the map each time and connect to the deepest sources. Leysan Brusnitskaya. I started my astrology studies a year and half ago. After giving birth to my second child, I looked for something I can study and will help me with my kids and will give me another toll to treat people mostly parents' and their kids.

The studies gave me a lot of knowledge , tolls and practical ways to use Kabbalistic Astrology to help other people. After finishing the 5th level' I continue and study, I use all the materials from the class the extra seminars.

I am a mother of 3 little ones, and I live in Israel — Yael Yardeni and the Moscow team made this studies possible for me. Whoever is interested in astrology' the A. Tel-Aviv, Israel. We Accept Payments from All Countries! Monthly price. Monthly price Webinar. First Level.


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kabbalistic astrology tikkun Kabbalistic astrology tikkun
kabbalistic astrology tikkun Kabbalistic astrology tikkun
kabbalistic astrology tikkun Kabbalistic astrology tikkun
kabbalistic astrology tikkun Kabbalistic astrology tikkun
kabbalistic astrology tikkun Kabbalistic astrology tikkun
kabbalistic astrology tikkun Kabbalistic astrology tikkun
kabbalistic astrology tikkun Kabbalistic astrology tikkun

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