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The Dirty Picture which will again get an adult certificate so kids can't watch it. It's based on Silk Smitha's life and I am very excited about doing this film as it's giving me a wide platform to show my talent. Then there is Sujoy Ghosh's kahani about a pregnant single woman and how she deals with the world. She talks about her latest movie and career aspirations. So how is life treating you? Life has been absolutely amazing.

Things only keep getting better. Working with Yash Raj Films so early in my career has been a dream come true. I am also free to take up other projects alongside this one. It is the best platform anyone can get. Tell us about your director Bumpy? Bumpy is absolutely crazy and a lot of fun.

You will die laughing when you spend time with him. He is the hairiest man I know. He makes work fun. He is spontaneous and he has a fresh and young vision. He does the most bizarre things. He is unique and he brought out some different aspects in all our personalities.

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Are you and Rhea similar in nature? However, after her break-up with Luv, she does crazy things to extract revenge from him. I do not think I can do all that she did. She is a romantic and so am I. We are not completely shy but we are reserved and dreamy. We both love dancing. I am glad I got to dance in this film. What do you want to do in Bollywood? I want to do it all and I want to be a famous, acclaimed, and popular actress of the changing face of Indian cinema.

I want to sing, dance, act, direct and know everything there is to know about film-making. Would you be comfortable doing bold scenes? I do not mind wearing a bikini but I need to get in fantastic shape, first. Obviously, I need to follow the requirement of the script and trust the vision of the director. Everything has to be aesthetic and should not be done simply to lure audiences. Any genre of films you want to try?

As I said, I am new and I want to do every kind of film. I am excited about doing comedy. What do you like most about your film? I love everything about it. LKTE captures what the youth and young girls are all about. No more shifting for James.

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The year-old actor insists that he is content to stay in London with wife, theatre actress Anne-Marie Duff and their month-old son, Brendan. I'm from Scotland, and I've already moved once.

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I don't want to move again. I've got all my pals here and all my family. I've always made my choices on what suits me personally," said the Last King of Scotland star. Despite his stance, McAvoy insists he is ambitious, but does not want to go over-board.

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I actively act against my ambitions sometimes," the actor added. Hillary is not Bonnie anymore. Hilary Duff dropped from new Bonnie and Clyde movie Singer-actress Hilary Duff has been dropped from the much-hyped remake of the cult hit Bonnie and Clyde.


The former child star was set to play Bonnie Parker in the reprisal of the 60s movie but she will now be replaced with another actress. Although, the name of the new star has not yet been announced, Duff will still be paid even though she is out of the job.

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The year-old who married Canadian hockey player Mike Comrie in August last year had a much publicised spat with Faye Dunaway, who played the female fugitive in the original movie. The original film was released in starring Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway as the title characters. When Dunaway heard that her Academy Award-winning role was going to be played by a former Disney star she remarked, "Couldn't they at least cast a real actress?

I think it was a little unnecessary, but I might be mad if I looked like that now too. They play daredevil spies in the hit Charlie's Angels franchise and Hollywood beauties Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz are no different in real life. The best friends share death-defying hobbies like sky diving and swimming with sharks without a cage.

I always know that she is game.


When swimming with sharks in Tahiti the friends were not protected by the usual metal cage. We need no cage," said Barrymore. Diaz is currently appearing in the new movie Bad Teacher, where she plays the pot-smoking, oversexed teacher. The simple steps can be incorporated in any normal lifestyle. Sachin Kalra. Drink lots of water: Drinking water is simple but can sometimes be ignored. Most people drink fizzy and sugary drinks in summer to quench their thirst, not realising excess sugar leads to lethargy and extra calories.

Choose water instead. It helps digestion and quenches thirst better than sweetened beverages. Water keeps the body cool in summers and will help rehydrate the body. If you want something other than water, include salted nimbu pani, chaaj, narial pani. However, try to drink glasses of water every day.

To inculcate the habit, try out the following tactics: Always carry a water bottle in the car Keep a water bottle on your desk so that you don't forget to drink every half hour Add a twist of fresh lime or lemon for a zingy taste Make it a personal challenge. Keep a pitcher of water in the fridge, and drink it all by the end of the day Eat lighter foods: Opt for foods that are light and cool and avoid heavy and spicy foods. Salads, fruits, raitas Several food varieties have cooling properties and must be included in the diet like moong dal green gram , all salads, spices like jeera cumin , elachi cardamom , pudina mint , holy basil tulsi , kheera cucumber , lauki, tori, melons, etc.

They add the extra zing to the regular meals, compensate for the non-spicy palate and are also healthy for digestion. Include fresh vegetables and fruits in diet: Fresh vegetables and fruits are some of summer's best healthy treasures. Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet will add health benefits, help beat the heat and will also provide you with a lower calorie meal. Most fruits and vegetables can be eaten freely, without worrying about adding too many extra calories. Do not skip meals: Skipping meals leads to lowering of metabolism, a feeling of dizziness weakness due to the fact that toxin build up on an empty stomach and contributes to lethargy.

Dress appropriately for the summer: Wear lightweight, loose fitting clothing in light colours in breezy cottons and other natural fabrics. These are airier than synthetic fabrics. Avoid dark colours, as they absorb heat and make you feel warmer. Opt for open footwear when possible and only wear cotton socks when needed. Always wear Sunscreen: Not only is sunburn bad for the skin and potentially dangerous but it also hinders your body's ability to stay cool. Apply it three times a day. Keep a watch: Avoid going out in the sun as much as possible.

aries january 2020 tarot by anisha Aries january 2020 tarot by anisha
aries january 2020 tarot by anisha Aries january 2020 tarot by anisha
aries january 2020 tarot by anisha Aries january 2020 tarot by anisha
aries january 2020 tarot by anisha Aries january 2020 tarot by anisha
aries january 2020 tarot by anisha Aries january 2020 tarot by anisha
aries january 2020 tarot by anisha Aries january 2020 tarot by anisha
aries january 2020 tarot by anisha Aries january 2020 tarot by anisha

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