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Venus and Jupiter for Spouse Prediction in Astrology

Further, according to the first letter of forename, the report included your life partner's behavior, personality, and traits. You will get how he or she may look like, what will be negative characteristics and lifestyle. All this information help you to compare compatibility with spouse.

Find Your Future Spouse

We know, you have some questions regarding above predictions of life partner, we try our best to explain you. This spouse name calculator predicts the possible first letters of your spouse's name which are indications of your spouse birth forename, maybe current name is different because many people do not have their first name according to birth Moon sign.

Indeed, no one can tell you the full or whole name of your partner unless the one has super psychic abilities. Yes, Naadi Shastra claims to forecast full forename of your wife or husband, mother and father or children. According to astrology, everything is predefined, the God knows and determines who will be your better half, the God keep a name for every person which reflect in a horoscope, astrologers say this as Moon sign Name which decided by planet Moon's position in a birth chart.

So, if you find strange alphabet for spouse's forename which you didn't accept, you should look into the horoscope of spouse for birth name letters. But, we know you want to know the current forename so, here is the deal, there are some other indications and conjunctions which can be used to forecast current forename of soul mate. We are doing research to find out the logic and way for it, when we prepared, we will update this software. Click the horoscope image for enlarge view. Maybe the Astrological meaning for abroad meant someone "out of this world"!

I did read your profile, and you are basically seeking someone who is at least 5'11" tall. This may be the problem. House VII in Sagittarius may have seen a dwarf in your future.

How to Predict Your Husband Name in Astrology 12222 ?

Lots of dudes from Nigeria on here, go for it. Not a diss on your post MrBricky, just an observation. And OP, maybe the stars are wrong this time around, Idk You're right my friend, spoils it for everyone. Do you read the cards? I have been on here since '07 if you do, where will I find my future mate? In a box, with a fox? Even if you get your partner via other means she is very likely to be attracted to your savings, your family or even your melodious voice.

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You could find your partner when you are travelling a short distance, during office meetings, chatting on social networking site or even while doing a project in college or office. The point to note is the potential partner is attracted to your ability to communicate, love for travel or your ability to get things going in a project. So polish those skills and your partner should come calling anytime. Sometimes communicating your feelings to your object of affection isn't a bad idea.

Fourth House is the house of mother, motherland, land dealings, transport and agriculture. There are high chances of meeting your future spouse in your own house, by little help from mother or while studying in school or college. Try to make the best impression in your home, keep it neat and tidy and chances of getting a spouse rise. Not only that you could meet your life partner as young as in school or in college while pursuing your education.

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Besides that partner could also pop up when there are land dealings or any matters associated with land and travel. The partner could very well be impressed by your travels, the land you own and the property you have. So show them off as much as you can. Fifth House governs politics, entertainment, arts, literature, knowledge and popularity.

Any of these place could fetch you your future life partner.

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Try to keep an active interest in all these matters. No matter what circumstances try to remain in public glare and sooner or later you are bound to get the attention of your future partner. Your future partner is drawn to the image of you being intelligent or highly popular.

Future Spouse Prediction Astrology-Beautiful Wife and Handsome Husband by date of birth and Time

Sixth House governs debt, disease, service and sports. Chances of finding your partner seem slim but look in place of your work, engage in sport events, try and visit the sick and hurting and sooner or later you would catch your partners eyes, show love for the animals especially for male natives who have Venus in 6th house.

The partner could even come via help from your maternal relatives.

Where will you meet your future spouse?? - Astrology gives you the answer.

Keep an empathy with your subordinates at work, show love for animals if you are male and Venus is in 6th house , try showing off your skills in a sports event, tell your maternal relatives to help find you an ideal partner and most of all keep a friendly attitude with diseased, sick, debt-ridden and suffering. Your partner would come attracted to your helpful nature, your good treatment of subordinates and diseased or your athletic skills. You could even try initiation in one of these fields. Seventh House governs your life partner, partnerships in business, financial contracts, legal agreements and litigation's. Any of these place could fetch you your life partner. Your partner would come attracted to your ability to do business, your convictions in legal procedures, when handling legal agreements or your business sense.

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  4. Even if partner comes via family contacts, social networking, matrimonial site or some other place that partner is very likely to be attracted to your ability to handle business, contracts and legal agreements. So keep a keen eye on those areas for future life partner. Eight House governs hidden wealth, in-laws, taxation, secret knowledge and death.

    Who is Your Future Husband?

    Obviously subjects under the jurisdiction of the 8th house are better off kept a secret. So to find your partner it is advised to look where the lord of 7th house is located. The horoscope house and astrological sign decide where you could find your future spouse. Chances of your future in-laws coming with a marriage proposal for their dear daughter or son is also possible scenario.

    Ultimately the partner is attracted to your hidden assets or enchanted by your secret knowledge.

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