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Susan Miller’s astrological predictions for a new century.

Mid-year could be when you see the most change in your career. It may take the events of the Lunar Eclipse in July to show you exactly how necessary change is, and to encourage you to allow life to unfurl around you.

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Whatever happens, you can expect it to have settled down again in August, when Venus transits your routine zone, bringing calm and some much-needed serenity. A much better astrological bet would be November, when Venus moves into your career zone and helps you turn on the charm.

The arrival of bountiful Jupiter in your sign in December is highly significant for your career and your material security. This should find you bursting with confidence and fully ready to embrace change and challenge.

Aquarius Horoscope for October 12222

Taking these energies forward into , you should be well-placed to start a new business, a new job or even a new career path altogether. Aquarius Daily Horoscope January 20 - February Forget about old school, new school, and too cool for school. None of that matters now. Suddenly you get to be your electric, artistic self. You get to project your larger-than-life personality in unpredictable shadow puppets or light shows. Today there are no rules. That doesn't include your own rules, obviously, which will define and govern this whole explosion of you-ness.

Just remember to be loyal to friends and family even if they don't quite follow you.

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Without their support, you'd never have this kind of freedom and, if you're lucky, this kind of applause. Today is a good time to connect with your own watery energy. Let it flow subtly and beautifully by meditating on the movement and quality of water itself -- that free-flowing thing that meanders wherever it can. That's how your thoughts should work. Don't curtail your imagination or impose any expectations of practicality on yourself, especially if you're developing ideas for a project.

Let your mind flow.

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Take notes on where it leads you. Most of all, don't be lured by loud, shiny novelties. You don't need them. The best stuff comes unannounced. You need definite physical boundaries but plenty of mental space for your mind to roam.

Hidden Erogenous Zones Of The Zodiac Signs - Zodiac Fire

You're working on something good today, and your ideas shouldn't be constricted by the bonds of reality or other expectations. If this is a group project you're planning, your friends or work mates might wonder why you have became distant and dreamy. Don't worry about it. You can explain it to them later, or let your ideas speak for themselves. Get some alone time if you can. A little isolation would be well worth it. Weekly Horoscope October 6 - 12, Monthly Horoscope October Yearly Horoscope - Sign Traits Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and one of the quirkiest of all signs.

Planets in Aquarius express their energy from a distance and rather coolly, but always with great humanity. Keywords independent, inventive, original, unpredictable, quirky, detached. Weekly horoscope Use your charm at work to help you make progress. You're coming across now as likeable, competent and trustworthy, so job interviews should go well.

Relationships with colleagues are improved too, and your boss may be eating out of your hand. Monthly horoscope Things are moving fast in your career this October, but that does mean that you'll have less family time than normal. Yearly horoscope Overview Planetary activity in focuses on your spirituality and the part you play in your community and wider society. Love You may come across as selfish in love this year. Work Your focus on community projects or philanthropic causes is also reflected in your working life this year.

Overview Your challenge this year, Aquarius, will be to let go of the order and structure you so enjoy as Fixed sign — and to embrace chaos. Love and Romance With so much emphasis on your spiritual and psychological development, looks set to be a relatively peaceful and stable year for your love life, Aquarius. Money and Career Your career is likely to undergo some transformation this year, Aquarius, in line with your need to deal better with chaos — perhaps your clearly-defined career path will change, or you may want to wander off that direction and try something new. Do you get along like two peas in a pod, or do you go at it like Siamese fighting fish?

See also the Love Compatibility Grid for an overview of how zodiac signs, in general, relate to one another. First up, Year Horoscope Previews give a nice overview or preview of the major influences on each zodiac sign over the course of the year, covering general trends, love, career, money, and family. Areas of expansion, innovation, restriction, and change are explored.

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  • With our Monthly Horoscopes , see what this month has in store for you. The effects of these eclipses last up to 6 months. What does this mean for you? Jupiter is transiting the ninth sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius. How can we expand our life experience and improve our luck? Read more about Jupiter in the Signs. Learn all about the signs of the zodiac.

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    Learn the meanings of the planets and points in your natal chart:. Born October 8 - This is a strong period for getting back on track. Certain areas of life stabilize, and you tend to work harder than usual. Work or special projects can be exciting and rewarding. Even so, there can be some ups and downs in love or with money You possess a highly creative mind.

    You have a wonderful sense of judgment. Sethe, inspiring again, had held her two-year-old knothole and two older employees performing with some of the modern nook people when her young, Man, did not present to greater them in the previous place at the hapless time. A very conquistadorial energy much like Mars square or opposition Jupiter, this is the best combination for a military commander, for it is daring, courageous, pioneering and busting with red-hot, sexual energy. Read what your signs horoscope predictions have in store for you, or check out the Aquarius personality profile.

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    Peter Squentz contains echoes of Shakespeare's comical Peter Quince of the play-within-a-play in A Midsummer Night's Dream although it is quite unlikely that Gryphius knew of Shakespeare's work. Your email address will not be published. Home Astrology zone aquarius Add a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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