Pisces descendant astrology

The qualities associated with our descendant are evoked through relationship or being with someone. With the full moon eclipse on March 23 in Libra we have an ideal time to look at the descendent and what we project onto others while in relationship. When we identify strongly with only one part of our charts and disassociate from another, often the descendant, we perpetuate the idea of being incomplete. Wholeness depends on us understanding and acknowledging our complexities and the descendant helps us integrate qualities we may not otherwise identify with.

Without doing this we may always feel incomplete without a significant other.

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Our charts include every planet, just like our psyche, and when we are unwilling to express part of ourselves we become dependent on someone else to do it for us. In this way, the descendant becomes an opportunity to reclaim our wholeness and claim back our projections making us even more balanced and ready for the partnerships the Libra in all of us desires.

Self-esteem is generally fragile. They seem confident and self-assured, but on the inside, their opinion of themselves fluctuates wildly, ranging from sheer conceit to self-loathing. Self-esteem is generally steady. Self-esteem is generally erratic.

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  • Descendant Pisces – Meaning and Characteristics;

They easily become dissatisfied with the state of themselves due to their many various interests, which leads to inconsistent admiration and consequentially inconsistent aspirations. Self-esteem is generally introspective. Self-esteem is increased by support; sympathetic people; reassurance; emotional openness, catharsis; close loved ones, people who are interested in being intimate with them; positive reactions; healthy expression of self.

Self-esteem is generally glowy. Self-esteem is generally weary. They can be extremely insecure, lacking confidence due to trying too hard to be worthy of it. Self-esteem is generally buoyant.

A More Expanded Understanding of the Descendant, Zodiac Signs, & Compatibility

Their confidence fluctuates erratically, yet gracefully; the lows are taken in stride and the highs are positively elating. They reflect the opinions of others and tend to take things very personally but they typically convince themselves that their insecurities are silly, and return to airy self-acceptance, which can easily turn into oblivious vanity.

Self-esteem is generally all or nothing. If they achieve what they aspire for, they can become obnoxiously conceited. Self-esteem is increased by distance or extreme closeness; knowing other people intimately; being mysterious; having an impact on others; loyalty; deep connections; intensity; becoming stronger after being hurt; being guarded. Self-esteem is generally carefree.

They always try to let go of their insecurities. This often leads to arrogance and vanity, since they sometimes their desperate aversion to being weighed down by negative feelings can result in being carried away by positive ones. Self-esteem is generally brutal. Self-hatred motivates them. Other times, they end up hurting themselves.

Self-esteem is increased by success; accomplishments; respect; having influence and authority; being self-sufficient; solving their own problems; having answers; leading; control; wealth; being considered important. Self-esteem is generally contrary. Self-esteem is generally amorphous.

They vaguely absorb both positive and negative perspectives on who they are, and the result is fluid confidence that relies on their emotional state and the emotional states of those who surround them. Originally posted by gameraboy1. Originally posted by chickenfarmersan. It may be that your partner provides a sense of routine or brings you an element of groundedness that is attractive to you. You are drawn to a refined and elegant individual who is charming and graceful.

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Your Aries rising can lead you from one adventure to another and your partner may ask just the right questions that lead you to lay down roots. Descendent in Libra describes a committed and loyal partner.

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You are drawn to a partner who appears very intense and may prod you through deep transformational experiences. Your Taurus rising can make you slow to reveal yourself and a bit rooted in making changes. You are drawn to a partner who enjoys sports, philosophy and the outdoors. Your Gemini rising can make it difficult for anyone to truly know you and your partner provides just the amount of lightness and lack of routine that appeals to you.

Long discussions into the night is suggested by this placement. You are drawn to an ambitious and practical individual who values honesty over intense emotional expression.

https://frangultida.tk Your Cancer rising can make you behave like a mother to others and your mate appreciates your stability and desire to provide a comfortable nest. You are drawn to unusual people who help you validate your own uniqueness. There may be something unusual about how you approach relationships and your partner appreciates your open minded attitude. You are drawn to sensitive individuals who appreciate the value of family and roots. Your desire for routine provides stability for your partner who helps you dig deeper into intimacy where you may often bury your emotions in a highly analytical approach to life.

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Pisces descendant astrology
Pisces descendant astrology
Pisces descendant astrology
Pisces descendant astrology
Pisces descendant astrology
Pisces descendant astrology
Pisces descendant astrology
Pisces descendant astrology
Pisces descendant astrology

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